Thursday, October 18, 2012

Your Job Search Pit Crew

Jason DiSalvo couldn't be a successful racer without his pit crew — they fuel him up, change out his tires, and make minute adjustments to get him across the finish line. 

Think of the MotorcycleIndustryJobs.com resume team as your pit crew. Even if you've got mad skills and a killer resume, it is well worth the $29 to have our team of experts give your resume one final review for key mistakes in grammar, spelling and formatting.  

Just a few errant keystrokes can move your resume from the top of the pile to the recycling bin, and the spellcheck function isn't foolproof. 

Add an extra "y" and "Looking for a part-time position" turns into "Looking for a party-time position." Drop an "s" and "Skilled motorcycle mechanic" reads more like a rap sheet as "Killed motorcycle mechanic."

We all need a support crew. While you friends and family usually have the best intentions, you can't necessarily trust them to give it to you straight — at MIJ our main goal is to help you land your dream job. Click here, and we'll help you perfect your resume today. 


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